Artificial Intelligence for business processes

Firedesktop develops software solutions to apply Artificial Intelligence to business processes. Thanks to its proprietary Machine Learning technologies, Firedesktop is at the forefront of Digital Transformation. Firedesktop is part of EGO group, Italian leader in the trading and energy efficiency sectors.

Corporate Background

The Firedesktop Team has a solid background, derived from decades of experience of SW development in important multinational companies.

Among the most significant contributions:

  • Collaboration with the University of Bochum in the s/w development of facial recognition
  • Design of the first biometric fingerprint access control terminal Made in Italy
  • Contribution to the definition of the ISO / IEC JTC 1 / SC 37 Biometrics standard
  • Leadership in product integration projects in M & A operations

Benchmark on installed base

Firedesktop technology has been developed in a small business market that has allowed to collect and process several million heterogeneous documents in a very short time.

The accounting docs managed by Firedoc-x®


Docs automatically validated by Firedoc-x®


Reduction of the registration process


Enterprise readiness

Firedesktop solutions are usable through a software platform that meets the typical requirements of enterprise scenarios. This platform integrates a layer of Data Integration that allows you to interface in a no-code way with the most popular software on the market (SalesForce, Oracle, Db2, ...).