Innovation and efficiency in business processes

Innovation and efficiency

Firedesktop was shaped by the intuition of a team of people who figured out that it was the right time to bring innovation in business processes, combining visionary practical sense with the endless opportunities offered by the AI software application. Bearing in mind that the results will provide a revolution in business efficiency, bringing disruptive innovation in the competitive market.

From the outset, Firedesktop Team chose to act in the difficult field of cutting-edge technology, where the real innovation creates transformation and tangible benefits, integrating and blending in the existing reality, redefining the rules of the industry and even revolutionizing the paradigm of business, thanks to the latest technologies.a tecnologie sempre evolute.

Since the very beginning, our activity has caught the attention of large companies. One of these, after choosing Firedesktop software, decided to enter the shareholding through its corporate venture capital.

Company Background

Team members can boast decades of experience in s/w development in important multinational companies, took part to the definition of some international standards and brought to the market successful software products both in Italy and abroad.

Some of the most significant achievements are:

  • Cooperation with Bochum University for facial recognition s/w development
  • Design of the first biometric dactyloscopic terminal thoroughly Made in Italy
  • Contribution to the definition of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC 37 Biometrics standard
  • Leadership in projects for the product integration in M&A operations