Analyzing and understanding

Firedesktop has developed an innovative technology capable of understanding documents in natural language.

The main application of this technology is in the field of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) which allows not only to automate the manual and repetitive phases of business flows (data-entry, controls, matching, recursive decisions, research, etc.), but also to produce actions, data flows and new diversified content.

Deciding and impersonating

An RPA process can use the same modalities as human operator.

This allows you to operate by safeguarding your existing IT investments.
But RPA is only part of the potential of applying artificial intelligence to document understanding.

Learning and making available

Documents are an unexplored concentration of information and corporate value.

Firedesktop technology can analyze a large number of documents from a specific application domain and learn its language.
This makes available all the company information with a great simplicity of use.